Apple iOS 6 - What's New In The Latest Version Of Apple's OS ?

The Apple Worldwide Developer Conference is currently taking place in San Francisco where Apple have now unveiled the new version of iOS.

iOS 6 will be available this autumn for the Apple iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS , New iPad and the iPad 2. However, only the iPhone 4S and the New iPad will get the complete version of Apple's operating system.
Apple iOS 6 - What's New In The Latest Version Of Apple's OS ?

A vast amount of new features are available in iOS 6 and a number of them were rumoured before the announcement, but there are also a number of new features which weren'tleaked. We'll now document all the major new improvements that you'll notice when you update to iOS 6.

Facebook Integration

Previous versions of Apple's iOS operating system featured Twitter integration and iOS 6 adds deep Facebook integration. You'll now easily be able to share content to Facebook from almost anywhere on your Apple device and the good news is you'll only have to sign in once.


As anticipated Apple iOS 6 will bring Siri support to the New iPad which is a huge bonus for owners of Apple's tablet. However, it gets even better because Siri has also been improved overall and now can answer questions related to sports and find details on local restaurants.

New Maps

In the past Apple's Map software was driven by Google's backend but in iOS 6 they've now moved to a first-party solution. The new version of Maps has a whole host of new features and has been built by Apple from the ground-up. One of the flagship new features is support for 3D maps, which looks truly spectacular.

New Safari Features

A couple of new features have been added to the Safari browser including iCloud tabs which sync your open tabs to the iCloud. This enables you to easily carry on browsing on another device without having to re-open all your windows. Additionally, websites in your reading list can now be made available for offline browsing.

Share Photostreams

iOS 6 adds support for shared Photostreams which enables you to easily and automatically share photos with your friends. You can easily choose which friends to share photos with and easily select the exact photos which will be shared.

New Call Features

A couple of new call features have been added including the ability to send a text message to respond to a call you can't currently answer or alternatively to set a reminder to call back the person. Additionally, Apple have included a new "Do Not Disturb" feature which stops all audio and visual notifications for when you don't want to be disturbed.

Other Features

A whole number of other features are included such as Mail improvements, Improved accessibility and much much more.

3G will let you know the exact date when Apple's iOS 6 will be released when we get it !