Benefits of Soursop Powerful Treat Cancer Leaves

Perhaps you do not know about the benefits of soursop leaves as one of the natural herbal ingredients. Most people only consume flesh of the fruit to serve a variety of snacks and beverages. Actually soursop leaves can be said to be more beneficial than in the flesh because soursop leaves are various substances and essential nutrients needed by the body. But do you know about the real benefits of soursop leaf?

Benefits of Soursop Leaf

daun sirsak
First known tribe in the Amazon tribez in the 90's. They simply find soursop tree in the forest, and then process them into herbal medicines. Based on research conducted at leading universities slah one in Indonesia, UGM. Only a small dose of soursop leaves benefits already proven to eradicate cancer cells in the body.

Efficacy Soursop Leaf

Other facts indicate if soursop leaf-cells are able to kill colon cancer cells to 10,000 times stronger than chemotherapy. The statement revealed by Reiser MJ, Mc Laughlin, and Fang XP in AgrEvo Research Center, USA. Apparently the benefits of soursop leaves is very great, though it's cheap and sometimes free, the efficacy of soursop leaves is huge in helping cure cancer naturally.