Blackberry Smartphones Won't Be Upgradeable To Blackberry 10

Blackberry have been showcasing Blackberry 10 at Blackberry World this week and they've now released some bad news for current Blackberry smartphone owners.
Blackberry Smartphones Won't Be Upgradeable To Blackberry 10

Unfortunately, any Blackberry smartphones running on Blackberry 7 won't be able to upgrade to Blackberry 10. That's bad news , but we assume that Blackberry will continue to update Blackberry 7 even after its been superseded by Blackberry 10.

RIM have stated that the problem is that Blackberry 10 is a totally new operating system redesigned from the bottom up and it just wouldn't be compatible with the current generation of Blackberry smartphones. Rather than look at this revelation in a negative way 3G is tending to be even more excited about the Blackberry 10 revolution.

Blackberry 10 is due to launch at the end of 2012 with the first smartphone rumoured to be the touch-screen only Blackberry London.

Blackberry 10 looks to have some amazing features including an amazing on-screen keyboard which displays predictive words above the next letter you'll type on the actual keyboard. The on-screen keyboard also supports gestures for deleting words.

Other features of Blackberry 10 include a camera which can take shots that can then be re-winded a couple of frames to ensure you have that perfect image. Infact, you can even alter certain parts of the image separately from the rest ensuring everyone on your photo has their best smile on display.