Causes and How to Overcome Whitish Whitish


The cause of vaginal discharge is a fungus called Candida in the vagina. This condition causes the area to be feminine odor, yellowish-white discharge, itching, burning and even to become swollen.

Actually everyone has fungus Candida in small amounts in the vagina mouth, digestive tract and skin. In healthy people, these bacteria are friendly and a good immune system to prevent infection. However, if the immune system is damaged or is weak then it will be easier for the fungus Candida to grow and cause disease.

Other causes that can trigger vaginal discharge is diabetes, pregnancy, use of antihistamines, stress, using tight pants, causing humid conditions, as well as the chemicals contained in soaps or detergents.

But you do not worry, here are some ways to discharge a simple but powerful.

1. Avoid the use of cleaning fluids miss V. This fluid can alter the normal acidity vagina thus increasing the risk of infection and cause inflammation.

2. Avoid the use of tight clothing or underwear because it can block the flow of air, you should use cotton clothing.

3. Rinsing the vagina from front to back to prevent the entry of germs from the anus.

4. Get used to dry the outside of the vagina using a clean towel or cloth wipes after urinating or large.

5. Avoid using scented pantyliners or continually every day, because it can cause irritation.

6. Reducing consumption of sugar and alcohol, as it can help
development of the fungus Candida.

7. Eating garlic, as it is believed to contain a natural anti-fungal.

8. Consuming milk or yogurt because it contains acidophilus bacteria that help keep the bacteria remain balanced.