Google Nexus S Available In White

It seems that white smartphones are a "hot trend" at the moment with a number of white versions of mobiles being confirmed.
Google Nexus S Available In White

The addition of the White iPhone 4 on both Three and Orange's websites suggests that we may finally see its long anticipated release. LG has also confirmed the release of a White Optimus 2X in Korea.

The latest White mobile announced is the Google Nexus S. A White version has been confirmed for release in Germany thanks to a leak. The leak , which was brought to you by, shows a picture of the mobile and suggests it will be launching soon.

However, the White Nexus S isn't a full white mobile and just features a white back and still has a black front. Still it looks quite cool with the design reminiscent of a penguin.

We don't know whether the White version will make it to UK shores, but we don't see any reason why it shouldn't.