How to Cope with chapped lips the Right

This time I will give you tips to overcome chapped lips and dry. But first let us know in advance the causes of dry lips and chapped. According to the website vemale, causes dry lips and chapped is the cold air and low humidity. Two things can trigger dehydration resulting in the lips become dry and chapped finally visible.

Here is how to cope with chapped lips quoted from the site:

1. Choose The Right Lip Balm

Lip balm can help overcome lips dry and cracked, but not all the same lip balm, select the most hospitable for your lips. Some lip balm uses material wax (beeswax or microcrystalline wax) as the main ingredient. For additional information, lip balm with these materials will withstand the natural moisture of the lips, but the lib balm is just hold moisture, does not give effect to treat chapped lips. Lip balm with petrolatum and lanolin main ingredient is much better to help soften chapped lips while providing moisture.

2. Avoid Lip Balm With Fragrance

If you still experience chapped lips despite wearing lip balm, it could be that you are allergic to any additional material on the lip balm, such as the widely used mewangian-counter lip balm on a cosmetics store. Some people are sensitive to fragrances or oils (such as peppermint oil) that can cause irritation or even allergies. Try checking the composition of lip balm before you buy. If your lips are categorized as sensitive, avoid lip balm with extra perfume in it.

4. Never Too Often Wearing Lip Balm

Some people get 'addicted' to lip balm, so you can also experience it. You know, given the effects of moisturizing lip balm will send a signal to the skin to produce new skin cells. Therefore, if you are constantly using lip balm in any condition, the lips will be dry, especially if you forget to lubricate the lip balm. The flow will continue to occur and worsen the condition lips. You certainly should not wear lip balm in certain circumstances, especially when in cold weather or air-conditioned space, but not at any time during the 24 hours.

3. Do not lick!

Licked dry lips is often done if the lips already feel dry. It does give the effect of wet and moist at first, but it will only make your lips getting dry. Saliva is basically the enzymes to digest food, while you lick your lips, you realize that habits can worsen the condition of the lips. If you have this bad habit, starts cutting! Ask someone who is often to be with you to remind you if you've started to lick her lips.

5. Ask for Help Doctors

If you have tried all means but the condition of the lips is not getting better, even getting worse even swollen, consult your doctor immediately. So you can get a prescription ointment suitable for lips as painkillers.

6. Lots of Drinking Water

An important but often forgotten as the cold is to drink water. Often the cold air makes people forget touching drink and rarely feel thirsty. In fact, in the air like anything else, you have to get a body fluid intake. If you do not want to lips, skin and hair become dry during the cold weather, do not forget to get enough to drink every day.