How to Prevent kidney disease

How to Prevent Kidney Disease - Kidney excretory organs in vertebrates is shaped like a bean. As part of the urinary system, the kidneys function to filter impurities (especially urea) from the blood and throw it together with water in the form of urine. Branch of medicine that studies the kidneys and the disease is called nephrology. Kidney failure is considered a sudden or so-called acute renal failure when the kidneys are not functioning suddenly.
Sudden kidney failure can usually be cured with medication, dialysis or dialysis. If such a successful kidney cleansing, the patient will usually recover and kidneys will function normally. However, renal failure usually occurs gradually over many years. Therefore, when these signs can be detected early, patients can get help. The following will be discussed thoroughly peeled Tips to prevent kidney disease:

Tips to Prevent Kidney Disease
A. Recognizing the Symptoms of Kidney Failure. Kidney disease often strikes without any complaints whatsoever from the sufferer. The main cause of kidney failure caused by diabetes, whereas the second cause of kidney failure is a genetic disease such as immune disorders, birth defects and other causes. Here is gejal-important symptoms associated with reduced work force potential renal kidney disease:

1. Landfill Waste In Blood. It is characterized by fatigue, the whole body feels achy, itchy, cramps, forgetfulness, insomnia, nausea, no appetite, body resistance to infection is reduced.

2. Fluid balance problems. Fluid retention with signs of an ankle too swollen face. Instead, draining fluids can be characterized by a very sunken eyes, dry mouth, almost no mucus in the mouth.

3. Hormone disorders. With the reduced power of the kidneys can lead to kidney produce more hormones or extra hormones. As a result, it will increase the blood pressure hormone. In contrast, other hormaon-hormone production is reduced. This leads to a deficiency of blood, fatigue and brittle bones.

B. Prevent Renal Failure. Someone who is believed to have symptoms of kidney disease do not need to worry. Normal life can still be lived well. Even encouraged to keep exercising regularly and eating a reasonable diet. To avoid damage to the kidneys, you can prevent it by following ways:

1. Sports. Do exercise regularly and regularly. Regular exercise-not too much-it would be a positive impact to the body as compared to heavy exercise, but not regularly. For example you can do brisk walking every morning or cycling 1-2 hours every week.

2. Quit Smoking. Seen from any perspective smoking is detrimental to the body will always Anda.Karena cigarettes with nicotine in the long term will damage vital organs of your body, both lungs, skin, heart and kidneys.

3. Reduce fatty foods. Fatty foods will cause cholesterol content in the blood is increased.

4. Weight Loss. Watch your weight so you can avoid obesity.

5. White Water Consumption. Consuming enough water, avoid the consumption of herbs or herbal is not clear, avoid the consumption of drugs in vain (without a prescription) are simple things you can do to reduce the potential for the emergence of kidney disease.

6. General Checkup. Kidney failure can also be prevented through medical examination (medical checkup) regularly, including urine and blood tests. Examined renal disorders such as urinary stones, prostate prevents the emergence of kidney failure.