Selective Choosing Foods To Lower Cholesterol

Selection of the right foods can help us in lowering cholesterol. Currently cholesterol a major problem for everyone in the old age. However, people with cholesterol is not just the elderly over 40 years, at the age remajapun this statement, one can hit.

The real problem arises because cholesterol itself unhealthy lifestyle. Too much eating fast food and instant food can lead to various kinds of statement,. Moreover, if all that is not coupled with exercise, it may arise statement, will be even greater.

However, all these things can be prevented early on is to consume a variety of foods that effectively help us to prevent or reduce cholesterol in the body. So what foods are safe for consumption?. Here are some foods that are believed capable of lowering cholesterol levels.

Healthy Foods To Lower Cholesterol

1. wheat
In addition to fewer glucose content of the rice, consume wheat or bread every morning proven to reduce cholesterol by 5.3% if taken regularly for 6 weeks. This is because in the wheat contains a substance called beta-glucan that is able to absorb the bad cholesterol.

2. beans
Although high in fat, nuts actually good for heart health. Because fat from nuts is very natural and not at all through a chemical process. Unsaturated fats in nuts or other grains at least have lemakterendah acid content and the best.

3. tea
As we know, tah contain anti-oxidants that are good for the body. Besides tea caffeine mengadung also quite low compared to the caffeine content in coffee. Tea contains compounds that serve to destroy phytocemical jaha cholesterol buildup in the body.

4. guava
Latin name guava fruit has various vitamins and minerals that are needed by the body. But other than that guava also contains complex carbohydrates yan useful for lowering cholesterol. To learn more about the benefits of this fruit please read the article for the health benefits of guava.

5. fruit Avocado
Benefits of avocado fruit is also good for people with cholesterol. Because in these fruits contain beta-sitosterol, which is a compound proven to lower cholesterol an average of about 17% with a sample of 45 people who performed for one week.

6. Dragon Fruit
This exotic fruit is a lot of properties, especially in the medical world. This fruit contains vitamin B3 which is pretty much what we know as the cholesterol-lowering compound. To learn more about these pieces please read dragon fruit for health benefits.

That he's some food or drinks that are good for lowering cholesterol in the body. Actually there are many more good food for people with cholesterol, but that article is not too long to eat will be posted in the next article. So always visit health tips to get the latest health information.