Traditional Medicines A Powerful Headache


Traditional Herbal Medicines Headache Powerful and All-preserving. The cause of headaches can occur because of a tumor, infection, head injury, high blood pressure, eye disease, an infection in the nose, throat, ears or migraine (migraine).

However, if you feel a headache should not worry because many traditional headache remedy that you can use to treat headaches that you suffer. Plant natural herbal remedies for headaches widely grown around us, such as ginger, sun flower, leaf and leaf Avocado gout.

Here are some natural herbal remedy for headaches that attack you.

1. Sunflowers and Ginger

- Ingredients: 30 grams of sunflower, 10 grams of ginger, 1 egg, and 600cc of water.
- Treatments: All material is boiled in water until the remaining 600cc 300cc. Strain the water and drink 2 times a day. Chicken eggs eaten after eating rice. Do this twice a day.

2. Bunga Kenanga

- Ingredients: 15 grams of ylang flowers, 15 grams of ginger, and 400 cc of water puih.
- Getting treatment: Ginger washed and thinly sliced. Then boiled with ylang flowers in water until the remaining 400cc 200cc. The water is filtered and drunk while still warm.

3. Leaves Gout

Take the leaves of gout. Then spread with coconut oil and crushed. After that, attach the gout leaves behind the ears or on the temples, such as wearing the patch.

4. Fresh Avocado Leaves

- Ingredients: 3-5 pieces of fresh avocado leaves and 1 cup hot water
- Getting treatment: avocado leaves washed thoroughly, and brewed with a glass of hot water. After the cold water is taken once a day.

5. Leaves White Wood

- Ingredients: 10-15 grams kayuputih leaves and 3 cups water.
- Getting treatment: Eucalyptus leaves boiled in 3 cups water until the remaining one cup. Drinking water while still warm.

6. Sunflower Seeds

- Ingredients: Sunflower seeds to taste, sugar to taste, and 1 cup hot water.
- Getting treatment: Sunflower seeds roasted and peeled. Then the seeds are ground up into a powder like coffee. Take 6 grams of sunflower seed powder and brewed with a glass of hot water. Then add sugar to taste. Filtered water is then drunk while still warm.

7. Fresh leaves Cumin

Take the leaves are still fresh cumin to taste. Wash with clean water and then crushed. After that, put on the head or forehead like a patch.