Uncovering the Benefits of Dragon Fruit For Health

The benefits of dragon fruit is quite famous Indonesian society. Fruits are berasalh of America is a plant that can grow in tropical climates. Because so popular, this fruit has been known to people all over the world. The fruit was first entered into asia brought by the French who come to china. Therefore, the dragon fruit has many names, such as in the area of ​​Mexico known as Phitaya, in China called Feuy Long Kwa while in Vietnam known as the Thanh Long. And in Indonesia itself is often called sweet cactus.

Types of Dragon Fruit

There are several types of dragon fruit, among others:
  • Red-skinned dragon fruit, but the fruit is white meat (Hylocereus undatus)
  • Dragon fruit with red skin, striking red meat (Hylocereus Meganlanthus)
  • Pink skin, red meat (Hylocereus Polyrhizus)
  • Nage yellow fruit, white fleshed (Selenicerus megalanthus)

Benefits of Dragon Fruit

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The benefits of dragon fruit is very diverse, vitamin C is high enough to make the fruit dragon fruit has properties boost immunity and help speed up the healing process of the wound. Potassium and phosphorus contained in the dragon fruit can make us strong bones and healthy teeth. In addition, vitamin B3 that is the fruit is good for lowering cholesterol.
Besides dragon fruit is also beneficial to balance sugar levels in the blood. Other properties of the fruit is a cactus-like heart health, prevent cancer, prevent diabetes, strengthen kidney function and even better for those of you who are consumed diet program healthy. For those of you who like the dragon fruit can memekannya directly, or it can also process them into various foods and beverages. Eat every day and feel the benefits of dragon fruit.