Benefits of Mangosteen Fruit For Health

buah manggis
There have been many research done by health experts to determine the benefits of the mangosteen fruit. Research is not only done in the flesh only, but in all parts of the mangosteen fruit, including the skin. Various research uncovered fascinating facts about the benefits of the mangosteen fruit can menyembuhakan different types of statement,.
Fruit called latin garcinia mangostana has anti-inflammatory properties, which may prevent the development of heart disease and diabetes in obese patients. Even a study conducted by BioMed Central Access, describes how the juice of this exotic fruit can lower levels of C-reactive protein.

Mangosteen Benefits to Your Health

Younger drug
Antioxidants contained in the mangosteen fruit is very good for health and can inhibit aging. Because these substances are able to repair tissue cells rusah body and replace it with a new one, so you'll look younger if diligently consume this fruit. There are also other fruits that contain lots of antioxidants that benefit the gods crown.

Inhibit Cancer Growth

And you should know is this fruit contains xanthone are many anti-cancer compounds. Even the bark extract is mangging apoptosis (cancer cell destruction), so for those of you who like the mangosteen fruit do not rush to discard the skin, because it disinalih many benefits that we can get.

Rework Skin Mangosteen
To obtain the maximum benefits of the mangosteen fruit leather pieces we could memnyeduh mangosteen mangosteen skin dose is 1 cut into pieces and boiled using 2 cups of water until the remaining one cup only. Then strain the cooking water and regular consumption of 2-3 times a day.

Efficacy of Mangosteen Fruit For Health
Those are some of the benefits of the mangosteen fruit that we need to know. But somehow you have to be careful when you process menggins fruit, mangosteen skin because it not hygienic and can contain pesticides that farmers sprayed to repel pests from the mangosteen tree.