Million For Health Benefits of Guava Family

Surely you already know if one of the benefits of guava is as pemcegah dengue. Bedarah fever is actually caused by a virus that attacks the cells of platelets with the thin cell walls. Maybe you think fruit Psidium guajava Latin name is derived from Indonesia karenabanyak mapun found in traditional supermarkets. Guava is actually derived from the South American region. Then these plants spread around the world, including Indonesia. When this has been a lot of farmers who cultivate guava because substantial business opportunities.

Benefits of Red Guava

manfaat jambu biji
In fact guava contains more vitamin C than oranges and apples. The guava fruit contains 165 mg of vitamin C, while the orange is less than half the 69 mg alone. Because a lot of nutritional content, so many guava benefits that we can get. The content of vitamin C makes guava has bejuta benefits. According to research conducted by health experts the world, by eating a guava fruit a day can minimize the risk of a mild statement, flu, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, and cancer. Although many of the seeds we can outsmart a way to be made into fresh juice. Fiber abundant in this fruit can also help you overcome the problem of constipation.

Benefits of guava next is lowering high blood pressure due to the presence of potassium is an electrolyte for electric reactions in the body. Guava can improve heart health and prevent cancer because they contain a lot of anti-oxidants and beta carotene. In addition to the statement, in, guava benefits the other is to heal the outer statement, as well as bleeding gums nose. Because it contains complex carbohydrates helps reduce cholesterol and blood sugar excess.