Healthy Tips When overtime / late nights


Too much work and deadlines are too short sometimes makes people have to work extra. It is often circumvented by adding hours to work, aka overtime.

Working overtime / staying up until midnight often makes body fit and easy to get sick. So, what should be noted that the condition of the body stay fit despite lack of sleep at night?
Here are some healthy tips for those of you who often stayed up late / overtime work.

1. Napping Enough
When planning to stay awake at night, naps enough to be included before the day's agenda. The problem is, it can not be done when it's busy with work during the day.

2. Choose Healthy Foods
In order not to feel sleepy during late nights, avoid heavy foods that contain lots of sugar and carbohydrates. Choose fruits, vegetables or salad as a healthy snack.

Not only prevents drowsiness, ensures food energy requirements so tired when no sleep all night. Sauce or hot sauce may be added, just to avoid drowsiness.

3. Perform Sport Lightweight
Many people have proven that physical activity is an effective solution to overcome drowsiness. Exercise makes the body more alert, so do not feel sleepy. If you're still sleepy, push-ups 50 times can make the body back in shape.

4. drinking Coffee
The caffeine contained in coffee and energy drinks is not a natural solution to keep you awake, because manipulating organ systems work. But while not consumed in excess, the beverage proved to be quite effective at keeping rhythm all night. Try not to cause addiction, and new should be taken when the sleep is really unbearable.

Those are some tips for those of you who often stayed up late to work overtime or be prosecuted.