How to Eliminate Black Spots on Face


How to remove the black spots on the face is easy-gampag difficult. Spots or black spots on the face may damage the appearance and beauty. This of course can make you less confident because your face look pale and dark. There are many methods that can be used to remove the black marks both at home and in salon treatments.
Causes of Black Spots on Face
So you avoid legal hitang spots is very important to know the factors that can cause dark spots on the face so you. With bigitu you will be better able to avoid the emergence of the black marks on the face.

Another factor is the cause of dark spots from the sun. Additionally, genetics and heredity factors were also influential. Butter was because of stress also can lead to brown patches and black on your beautiful face.

But sometimes brown spots or black is found on the skin of which had previously been grown acne. Although acne is gone but the scar is usually more difficult to remove da takes quite a long time.
How to Eliminate Black Spots on the Face Naturally

There are various treatments you can do at home without having to go to a salon and spend money on maintenance costs and so on just to eliminate dark spots on the face.

One way to remove the black spots on the face is smeared skin bagia contained black spots with lemon juice and leave overnight. Lemon juice contains pemuti properties and can be used as an effective natural remedy to get rid of brown spots addition of lemon juice you can also use milk, because milk can help remove dead skin cells.

Using olive oil or vitamin E every night before bed can also help in mehilangkan dark stain on the face after activity seharian.Anda can also use grated onion and mix with a few drops of honey, then apply the mask on your face and rinse after 15 minutes.

Another alternative is that you can use cucumber or Aloevera which has the same functionality that is highly effective in the treatment of dark spots and black spots. But if I eliminate the black spots on the face is not successful you should consult with a physician skin care.

"Prevention is Better Than Treat"

Apart from all the way remove the black spots on the face, it would be nice to know how to prevent black spots on the face. Try to avoid direct sunlight, do not forget to eat fruits and vegetables for skin health and beauty.