This 6 Causes Hair Loss


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Causes of hair loss can be influenced by many factors, ranging from hormones to other external factors. For some people, hair loss is to be one of the very terrible especially for women. According to the survey nearly 50% of women experience hair loss, and hair loss mean to 50-100 strands per day. Imagine if it continues to happen, over time will inevitably lead to baldness. So it would be nice if we know more various causes of hair loss so we can find the most appropriate way to address them.

Causes of Hair Loss

Hormone levels may change and unbalanced due to a case. For example, during pregnancy or after birth, usually women will experience hair loss. But you do not need to worry because it is very reasonable and just for a while.

If you are affected by such statement, tips and diabetes will also likely experience hair loss. This is normal because the body is very weak and not functioning optimally hormones.

The cause of hair loss is excessive stress next. Excessive stress may experience psychological conditions such as weight loss and hair loss. Try to occasionally do so refreshing amidst your busy body back fresh and avoid stress.

Effect of Drug
The chemicals contained in drugs that you consume can also trigger hair loss. People who are taking antidepressants and high blood pressure may be one such example.
Causes of Hair Loss
Menguncir Hair Too Strong
If you do not tie hair menguncir often too strong because it can cause hair loss. Let your hair loose, or if forced to menguncir quite a bond that is not too tight.

Hair Styling
Changing the order and menggonta-changing hair color can affect the health of your hair. Pengguanaan Hair Dryer is also one of the factors that can cause hair loss.

Those are some of the causes of hair loss you need to know, handling appropriate to the cause can provide more optimal results.