Maintain healthy hair and scalp


3 important things you should consider to maintain the beauty of hair, among others, health, hygiene and selectively choosing cosmetic hair dryers.

1. Strict Diet Hair growth also depends on the diet that we do. Diet too tight can cause hair loss caused by iron deficiency causes anemia. Hair can be lost due to dietary iron, whereas iron can we get from meat, eggs, cereals, wheat and beans. Increase consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables to meet the body's need for vitamin C that functions in the absorption of iron.

2. Cutting hair short haircut will make it easier we keep the scalp clean. Cutting your hair regularly will not make your hair grow faster.

3. Which Make Damaged Hair Although our scalp is quite strong and can withstand harsh treatment, yet he will be damaged as well due to too much use of chemicals, coloring and massage. Resilience hair every person on the use of chemicals in cosmetics hair different. Generally scalp have allergies due to staining resulting inflammation and swelling. To avoid this, try first before being used on the surface of the hand. When inflammation occurs, do not use the hair.
Be careful in the use of hair dyes are made from hydrogen peroxide. If the hair is too often exposed to this material, the hair will be brittle, rough and cracked.