Nail Care Tips


1. For a woman in general, the nail color is one part of the fashion or attraction which will lift confidence. But using continuous nail color is also not good because it can make your nails look yellow and brittle. For that, get used to not use nail color nail one day a week so that you can rest. For the sisters, it is not recommended to use nail color but only for intended for him, and it was usually with nail color is not permanent or temporary, for example, we know the natural dyes from leaves Chinese boyfriend or girlfriend or a similar mecca and the terms of any thaharah it's still tolerable if it does not impede the water seep into the pores of the nail when the ablution or bath ritual impurity.

2. In order for your nails to be strong and not easily broken, use star fruit vegetables and rub at the base of the nail. It can also be soaked in apple cider vinegar and olive oil that has been heated.

3. Accustomed to doing household chores can make your nails and hands are rough. To soften hands, soak your hand into the orange juice that has been mixed with honey for 10 minutes.

4. To remove stains on your nails, soak hands in warm water that has been given lemon juice for 15-20 minutes. Because orange juice contains astringent which can eliminate the dull color of the nails.

5. Growth nails every week about 0.5 to 1.5 mm which is four times faster than toenails growing. For that, try to keep our fingernails short to eliminate the entry of germs or excessive germs through the nail.

6. To prevent nails from drying and particularly special for sisters or women in general, give a special cream to the nail and nail not to use the eraser dye-containing chemicals.

7. Not just treatment from the outside, to maintain healthy nails can also be done by drinking milk regularly and if possible can every day. Because calcium-rich milk that is useful to keep the nails to stay strong. If your nails are clean, our health would be more secure ..

Healthy nails are:
Nail plate => The outermost layer of a nail
Nail folds => Skin framing nails
Nail bed => layer of skin at the bottom of the nail
Cuticle => layer that coats the nails, protects the new keratin cells
Lunula => semicircular portion at the base of the nail