Sexy Lips Ala Marilyn Monroe


Who says tiny lips can not look sexy?

Artist Marilyn Monroe was born with a form mungil.Tetapi lips with a touch of make-up, her tiny lips changed to contain and look sexy.

Want your lips look sexy like that 20s era artist? The following steps make up maybe you can follow. Although it takes quite a long time but the results will not disappoint

1. Before applying lipstick, make it a habit to use a lip balm on the lips. This serves to moisturize your lips. Let lip balm wet your lips perfectly.

2. Add a little foundation on your lips by using a sponge, then dab a little powder.

3. Lines form outside the lip 2 mm wider than the original lip. Use a lip pencil thin and lighter colored than the color lipstick

4. Use a lip liner to fill the entire surface of your lips. Apply by means of vertical

5. Then Apply brightly colored lipstick using a lip brush, starting from the tip to the center of the lips

6. Let stand for a moment until your lipstick looks dry and then sprinkle the powder on it

7. Apply your lipstick again and repeat up to 3 times