Thrush Natural Medicines


Obat Sariawan
Thrush is not a dangerous disease like cancer or heart disease. However, the disease is of course quite tortured sufferer. Some people call it a thorn mouth disease. Maybe because it hurts like a thorn swallow: D
But if your ulcer disease, do not worry, here are some ulcer drugs are bad for consumption nampun efficacy in treating the disease.

1. Foods that contain Vitamin B
Vitamin B deficiency not only causes oral problems, but also lead to anemia and depression. To get vitamin B, you can consume oysters, fish eggs, soy milk and rice milk regularly.

2. The iron-containing foods
Iron not only heal canker sores, but it also strengthens bones and muscles. To stay fit and healthy, you should regularly consume spinach, beef, liver, chicken, sesame seeds and cereals.

3. Foods that contain folic acid
To avoid thrush or recurring mouth sores, you should get used to eating foods that contain folic acid. Folic acid is found in many dark green vegetables, such as spinach, asparagus, peas, radishes and beans.

4. coconut water
Although not one of the types of foods, coconut water is a potent drug that can cure mouth sores. Many drinking coconut water can also relieve inflammation and prevent ulcers.

5. Fruits
Oranges, bananas and pineapples are healthy foods that can heal canker sores in the mouth. These fruits can be helpful because it can boost metabolism, anti-inflammatory and rich in vitamin C. If you have a serious problem with thrush, eat these fruits.